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Top Tips for Terms and Conditions

How long has it been since you last reviewed your terms and conditions of supply of goods or services?  Are you using them effectively?  Could they leave your business wide open to dispute? Here are top ten tips for making sure your terms and conditions are working for your business. For a business’ standard terms and […]

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Budget 2016: Northern infrastructure investment likely to boost property market

Today’s budget was a light one in terms of property announcements – perhaps understandable considering the amount of activity and change we’re currently already witnessing in the property market. With huge changes set to affect the buy to let sector afoot, there’s already lots of change happening in the market. However, the one major announcement […]

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How To Protect Your Brand

A big part of managing your company’s reputation is based on protecting your brand, particularly in highly competitive markets.  So, what is a brand and what practical steps help a business protect, use and exploit any brands that it owns? What is a brand? A strong brand helps distinguish a business’ products from its competitors. […]

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Landlords and investors: key property trends to keep your eye on this year

Residential property investors and the renewed commitment to more house building appear to be central to the government’s property policies for 2016. As a property investor or residential landlord, there are a number of key highlights we would recommend looking out for this year: The Help to Buy ISA Qualifying individuals are able to open […]

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Top tips for choosing a solicitor

What do you need to look for when choosing a solicitor and law firm? Are they not all the same? Lawyers, like people, come in all shapes and sizes.  So how do you choose a firm and solicitor that you will feel comfortable with and that will be able to deal with your matter properly, efficiently and […]

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Top 7 things businesses need to know about confidentiality agreements

What is a confidentiality agreement? A legally binding contract between two or more parties to provide a framework for the receipt and disclosure information. Also known as a non-disclosure agreement (“NDA”).   When do I need a confidentiality agreement? When discussing a new business opportunity or business concept with another party. When is outsourcing work […]

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What are my obligations as an employer?

For some, it’s the first question asked. For others, it’s something which niggles away at the back of the mind, sometimes until it’s too late. For all employers, however, it is a crucial question that needs to be asked whenever you employ somebody: what are my obligations as an employer? What do I have to […]

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Getting redundancies right as a small business: 10 key questions

Dealing with redundancies can be difficult for any business. Often it feels like a quick decision needs to be made to safeguard the business and the temptation to simply announce redundancies can be overwhelming. However, smart business owners realise that taking the time to properly plan a redundancy process can save a lot of hassle […]

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Is your business too reliant on key individuals?

A few months ago, the media was awash with stories about Jeremy Clarkson’s unceremonious dismissal (or “non-renewal of his contract” as the BBC described it) from his position as host of Top Gear.   If truth be told, we didn’t learn a great deal from the countless commentary pieces we saw, each of which simply […]

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Do endorsements or online reviews contribute to your business’ success?

If they do, then you need to consider the Competition and Markets Authority’s (CMA’s) recent report on its call for information on online reviews and endorsements. It launched its call for information in February 2015 when it became aware of the potential for misleading or distorting messages being sent out to customers. The aim of the […]

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