Digital Copyright Exchange

Following publication of “Digital Opportunity: A Review of Intellectual Property and Growth” by Professor Ian Hargreaves, Vince Cable has appointed former Ofcom Deputy Chairman, Richard Hooper, to lead a feasibility study on establishing a digital copyright exchange.

Vince Cable said:  “A digital copyright exchange would be a global first and could unlock significant growth potential in the creative sector, benefitting consumers and businesses alike.”

As Professor Hargreaves report concluded, such an exchange would “make it easier for rights owners, small and large, to sell licenses in their work and for others to buy them”.

A digital copyright exchange would give businesses and consumers easy access to copyright materials.  Myers Lister Price advises many potential licensors and licensees on the commercial benefits of licensing intellectual property.

There are many advantages to licensing your IP or taking a license of IP. These include:

  • Sharing risk – Licensor: receives revenues for no risk   Licensee: has the right to use the IP without the R&D costs
  • Market Penetration – Licensor: receives revenues from territories it cannot reach itself
  • Reduced Cost – Licensee: has the right to use the IP without the R&D costs
  • Time – Licensee: saves time by not having to create its own design
  • Collaboration – Licensor & Licensee: parties may work together to increase revenue

For more information on how the digital copyright exchange may benefit your business, or for information on licensing intellectual property, please contact our Copyright Solicitors, at Myers Lister Price Solicitors on 0845 0738 445 or