Family law – mediate, don’t litigate!

Family law continues to face many changes in the coming weeks and months. 22 April 2014 sees the launch of The Family Court, replacing the jurisdictions of the Family Proceedings Court and County Court in family cases.

At the same time the government is looking to overhaul the court fees system, a proposal which has drawn fire from the judiciary and others. While most in the legal profession welcome a unified Family Court, the acid test will be whether it has sufficient resources to operate successfully.

At the same time the courts have been faced with a 37% increase in the number of unrepresented parties in children applications compared with last year which risks clogging up the court system and adding further delays.

The courts play an important role in ensuring access to justice. However, in the face of delays and increasing charges, many people want to look for an alternative way of resolving family law disputes.

Solicitor-inclusive mediation can speed up the process, save time and expense and put you back on track, enabling you to move forward with confidence. Whether dealing with divorce, other relationship breakdown or arrangements for children, we work with local mediators to bring about a satisfactory resolution. The key difference is that we are fully involved in the mediation process instead of taking a back-seat as is traditionally the case.