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Employment solicitors to advise you on employment law

Our employment lawyers are here to help you to keep abreast of employment law, defend your rights and act, as quickly as necessary, to achieve the best outcome for you. We regularly deal with negotiated exits for senior managers and directors involving severance packages as well as settlement and compromise agreements. Our service won’t just end at the final settlement. We have links with specialist recruitment agencies to help you get back on your chosen career path as quickly as possible.

We like to work with you in an on-going role. Many legal confrontations with employers can be avoided by taking a pro-active approach. Our employment solicitors will advise and guide you in work place matters and ensure that both you and your employer are complying with current legislation, whether you need amendments made to your contract of employment, are dealing with a termination package or simply need advice on your employment rights. Our aim is to help you reach a positive resolution to any employment issue so that you can move forward.

Our employment solicitors will help you with any legal matters occurring between you and your work place.

If the worst should happen and we do need to defend you against an employer, our employment lawyers will ensure that you are fully aware of your options. If there is a grey area, we will simply say so. We believe in being as clear and straight forward as possible, particularly in situations where emotions can get in the way of reaching a resolution quickly and professionally.

The areas that we advise employees in include:

  • Discrimination
  • Long Term Sickness Absence
  • Unfair Dismissal
  • Layoff / Short Time Working
  • Redundancy Processes
  • Settlement Agreements
  • Employment Contracts, Policies and Handbooks
  • Service Contracts
  • Tribunal Representation and Advocacy

We will always provide you with a full understanding of our payment structures prior to instruction.

Our lawyers will help you stay ahead with planning, documentation and procedures. Why not read some of our recent blogs relating to employment law advice?

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