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MLP Flex

Retained, tailored business support packages that flex alongside your organisation’s evolving needs. Learn more about MLP Flex…

Whether you’re an established entrepreneur, a start-up, or a family business owner, we know your needs change as your business grows and evolves. We also know that the legal sector can be a minefield, and it can often be overwhelming knowing what support your business requires.

That’s why we’ve created MLP Flex – a selection of simple, tailored legal bundles that can adapt as your business needs change.  It gives you access to expert legal advice from a qualified solicitor who will give you practical and specialist support, for a set monthly payment, with no nasty surprises. Flex gives you access to your named, dedicated team whenever you like and provides you with assurance that you’re covered whenever the need arises.

Flex is perfect for businesses requiring a regular level of support, established businesses with particular needs, ones with limited legal requirements, or ones that need more extensive support. Our packages work in three tiers, MLP Flex easy, MLP Flex plus and MLP Flex smart, which can support each of these requirements.

We’ll work with you from the outset to best assess your needs and agree a programme of expected usage. If it sounds like something that would benefit your business, check our range of packages below. Or to speak to one of our team email: or call:0161 926 9969

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