Professional Negligence Victories for our Clients!

Myers Lister Price Solicitors have recently celebrated victories in two cases of professional negligence against law firms.

One case concerned a conveyancing matter where solicitors negligently failed to advise our clients that part of their garden was in green belt land.

The other concerned a business purchase instruction where solicitors negligently failed to carry out and protect the clients instruction so that the sale was lost.

Both cases settled in the region of £30,000.

Our Top Tip in the above cases was to identify and focus firmly on the issue of negligence, the financial loss that has arisen from the negligence and protect your position in costs by an early “part 36” offer to settle.

For more information on “Part 36” read next months Litigation Top Tip.

We welcome enquiries from any client who believes that financial loss has arisen as a result of negligent advice from any professional advisor.

Please contact our Litigation team on 0845 0738 445.