Security for Costs

If you successfully defend civil court proceedings brought against you (the Defendant), you can usually expect an order from the court that the party bringing the claim (the Claimant) pay the reasonable legal costs you have incurred. However, if the Claimant cannot afford to pay the costs ordered, you can be left out of pocket.

Our Tip is:- If during the course of defending civil proceedings, you consider that the Claimant will not be able to pay your legal costs if later ordered to do so, you should seriously consider an application for security for costs.

An order for security for costs requires a Claimant to pay money into court as security for the Defendant’s costs, to ensure that the Defendant has their costs paid should the claim be unsuccessful. If the court imposes a payment but the Claimant cannot afford to pay it, it will be prevented from pursuing the case any further.

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