Small Claims Court Service for Low Value Intellectual Property Disputes

The Government has this week announced that it will introduce a small claims service to resolve low value intellectual property disputes in the Patents County Court.

Paul Hatton Litigation Solicitor at Myers Lister Price Solicitors comments “Breach of intellectual property rights can be extremely damaging to a business. It can take years to develop a brand, product or design and a small business should have the opportunity to protect itself in a proportionate way, should its rights be infringed. Many small businesses cannot afford to pursue a court claim or are put off by the extent of the legal costs involved. The proposed small claims service will provide access to justice for businesses who would otherwise be priced out of pursuing such claims.”

The service is to be able to grant compensation of up to £5,000 per case and impose a fixed costs regime. The intention is that it will be a quicker and cheaper alternative to the existing processes. The service is due to be introduced before the end of 2012.

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