Was the person who drafted your Will insured?

The BBC show “The One Show” highlighted once again the problems people are facing when going to Will writers to have their Will created.

There are good Will Writers out there and there are also a lot of bad ones, but how do you know if they are any good?

The problems with a badly drafted Will only raise their ugly head once the person in question dies. This leaves the grieving family with uncertanty, further stress and cost to the administration of the estate.

Solicitors all have professional indeminty insurance so that if the Will was drafted poorly and their is negligence on the part of the solicitor then the family of the deceased can sue for any loss suffered and the cost of rectifying the situation. This is not ideal but at least there is some action to be taken to rectify the problems created by a poorly drafted Will. Will writers on the other hand do not have to have such insurance and so should there be anything wrong there maybe be little that can be done to rectify the situation.

There are stats that show only 30% of the population have Wills and of those who have them 25% of the Wills are negligently drafted!

My advise therefore is to make a Will and get a specialist Wills solicitor to do so, this will assist in the smooth running of events after your death.

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