What is acceptable behaviour for bailiffs?

The Ministry of Justice has updated the National Standards to define acceptable behaviour for bailiffs.

The code has been revised in an effort to provide greater protection from rogue bailiffs who use unsound, unsafe or unfair methods. The key points the updated code deals with are intimidating and threatening behaviour, misrepresentation of their powers and reinforcing rules about how firms should resolve complaints about rogue agents.

Mister Djanogly of the Ministry of Justice stated “Whilst I know the majority of bailiffs are responsible, too many are not. We often hear stories, and see evidence, of people being mistreated by heavy-handed bailiffs. We are working with the bailiff industry, and other groups, to make sure that cannot happen anymore, but also that people can still collect their debts fairly.”

The code is only voluntary and it remains on the Government’s agenda to impose statutory regulation.

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