Ever wondered what is involved in making a Will?

We’ve put together 7 easy steps to help explain to you what is involved.

  • At the first meeting we will discuss the assets within your estate
  • Once we have a breakdown of your assets, we will discuss inheritance tax (IHT) and whether your estate is subject to IHT
  • We will discuss your family set up and any concerns you may have in relation to family members
  • We will recommend/suggest and agree with you, a Will structure that is suitable to your circumstances
  • We will prepare a draft Will and send it to you for your approval and, provided you are happy, arrange a further meeting to sign the Will
  • We are happy to store the Will on your behalf (free of charge)
  • The whole process usually takes 4 weeks and a few is agreed with you before we commence any work on your behalf

Interested in making a Will? Please give us a call on 01619269969.