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Domestic Abuse Increase

It has been reported that there is an increase of approximately 38% in domestic ...

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Marriage under 18 to be Outlawed

It has been reported that the government have pledged to raise the minimum legal...

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19th Century Marriage Law finally updated!

For the first time marriage certificates are now going to include both the names...

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Race to the Altar!

Welcome to our series of blogs, addressing post-lockdown issues from a legal per...

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Residence battle myth… “All children are resilient”

It is surprising how many people comment on how resilient children are when face...

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Kim and Kayne – Will it be amicable?

There is  always fascination with celebrity breakups, with Kim Kardashian n...

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Divorce or Legally Separate?

Ending  a marriage is a huge decision to make and is often filled with fear...

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Divorces see the biggest rise in 50 years

Recently, The Office of National Statistics has released the statistics for rela...

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Child Maintenance – The impact on Corona Virus you should not ignore

For those who receive child maintenance, this money is important now more than e...

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