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The Intestate Estate of Una Stubbs

Una Stubbs was a talented actress who sadly passed away at her home in Edinburgh...

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How potential changes to Inheritance Tax & Capital Gains Tax may affect you in April 2022 Budget

During April 2022’s upcoming budget, it is expected that Rishi Sunak will anno...

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Inheritance row and the importance of instructing a reputable lawyer

Louise Reeves, daughter of the deceased property tycoon was accused of coercing ...

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Important Financial Changes for Probate Applications

The start of 2022 brings two new important changes to the financial side of Prob...

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Protecting Vulnerable Individuals – A look into the story of Daphne Frank’s mother

Daphne Frank’s devastating account of her mother falling victim to a predatory...

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Changes to care fees and social care – will it affect me?

The white paper on social care in England and new cap on care fees brings more c...

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At what age do you need to write a Will?

When you should make a Will does not depend on your age, but instead, your finan...

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Record Inheritance Tax Receipts received by HMRC during the Coronavirus Pandemic

HMRC has recently released its new Inheritance Tax (IHT) revenue figures, for pa...

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Costs of Contentious Probate Proceedings

A recent decision in the High Court has clarified the rules relating to who shou...

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