Protecting Commercial Secrets From Exploitation By Others….New issues in the cloud

It is an all too common occurrence that we are asked to stop ex employees from competing with their old employer either on their own account or because they have moved to a competitor. It is never easy to advise on these issues. The default legal position is that there is little you can do. Often this is because the employer has been reluctant to come to grips with the problem when it should have done.

A new problem that has just started to appear in the courts comes about when employees are effectively allowed full access to the company cloud accounts, in one case this happened to the exclusion of the company itself when the administration rights were taken by an employee who then left to join a competitor taking everything with him and denying access to the old employer adding insult to injury.

Please understand that if you want to protect your commercial secrets you must make such protection a high corporate priority and give appropriate time resource to the issue and take specialist advice to try and give you a fighting chance of protecting yourself from unfair competition.

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