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At MLP Law we are experts in litigation law and dispute resolution whether that be through litigation or ADR. We are litigation lawyers with a difference because we care and are committed to commercial dispute resolution. We show this by taking control of your dispute from the very outset and driving it towards a successful outcome. Your problem becomes our problem until it is resolved. This allows you to focus on what is most important – your life, your business or both. When the dispute is over, our expert guidance helps you avoid disputes in the future.

We achieve remarkable results. Instruct us to find out why.

Latest success stories

A company had been badly let down by another company and became embroiled in High Court Litigation over a complicated contract which we successfully resolved via mediation.

We extracted the best available settlement for a private individual in a tricky shareholder dispute ending months of protracted negotiations.

A business came to us with a contractual dispute having done everything they could to resolve it. For a modest fee, we were able to extract a significant sum of money for them without court proceedings being issued.

We skilfully compromised a longstanding six figure warranty claim for a large family business at a mediation.

A family was involved in a toxic neighbour dispute which we were able to carefully guide them through and win at trial.

A private individual was being pursued by their former employer for misusing confidential information. We rescued them and their new employer from a particularly ugly situation without any damages exchanging hands.

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