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New Funding Options

Disputes resulting in litigation and attendance at Court can be costly, stressful and time consuming. Rising court fees and legal costs also mean that litigation is now more expensive than ever.

Anyone who has been involved in a lengthy court battle will tell you that it can be a considerable drain on you or your business. Achieving a commercial settlement before proceedings provides certainty, closure and avoids the anxiety, cost and time of proceeding to trial.

MLP Law Dispute to Resolution offers a number of different funding options tailored to meet your individual needs. Each allow you to take control and provide peace of mind whilst offering an opportunity to resolve your dispute early and to achieve a successful outcome.

Fixed Fee

Dispute Value

Less than £10,000
£10,000 to £25,000
£25,000 to £100,000
£100,000 to £250,000
£250,000 to £500,000
£500,000 and above

Our Fixed Fee

£2,000 plus VAT
£3,500 plus VAT
£5,000 plus VAT
£7,500 plus VAT
£10,000 plus VAT

No settlement, reduced fee

We are paid a discounted hourly rate regardless of whether a settlement is achieved. If the case does settle, we will be paid our usual hourly rate plus a success fee. If the case does not settle, we will forgo the balance of our costs and success fee and you only pay the discounted hourly rate.

Contingency Fee

We are only paid if a settlement is achieved. If the case does settle, we will take a percentage of the damages recovered as payment for our fees. If the case does not settle, we will not be paid for the work undertaken.


Our services will be provided by way of a set number of hours to use whenever you may need them over a 12 month period. Those hours can be used for any legal assistance you may require in relation to: commercial dispute resolution; corporate and commercial; employment and commercial property.

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