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Putting children first during separation

Putting children first during divorce and civil partnership dissolution does not mean putting your own interests second, as the two are closely linked.

We help you to put childcare arrangements in place, to remove a source of stress and worry so that you can proceed with your separation with more confidence, knowing that your children’s needs have been taken care of.

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How family law experts help with childcare

We can advise on the appropriate childcare arrangements to put in place. Our experience of previous cases means we know what works long-term and what the courts will approve.

  • Advice on residential arrangements for children
  • Advice on financial arrangements for children

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Understanding child maintenance arrangements

Funding your child’s lifestyle is at the core of child maintenance arrangements and you will need to reach an agreement that protects them against poverty in the future.

Our family law experts can listen to your preferred arrangements and advise on any potential problems with enforcing them in court. Where necessary, we can help you to adjust your agreement so that a judge will be more likely to approve it.

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Frequently asked childcare questions

What is a child arrangement order?

A child arrangement order specifies where your child will live, how much time they will spend with each parent, and any permissions or restrictions on other forms of contact such as telephone calls. This is a legally binding court order for couples who cannot agree childcare arrangements informally or who want them to be enforceable in future.

How are childcare arrangements negotiated?

You can reach a childcare agreement between yourselves, through mediation or in court. You will usually need to consider mediation before you will be allowed to go to court. If you reach an agreement via mediation or independently, you may be able to have it enforced by a judge using a child arrangement order.

What if we agree on childcare arrangements?

If there is no dispute over childcare arrangements, you can draw up a Parenting Plan that sets out each parent’s commitments and responsibilities. This is not a legally binding document but it puts in place a road map you can both follow in the future and may help to resolve minor disputes if they arise later.

What if one parent won't pay child maintenance?

You can obtain a consent order or use the Child Maintenance Service to make child maintenance arrangements legally enforceable. There may be fees involved with using the CMS, compared with making payments voluntarily on a less formal basis.

What if one parent lives overseas?

If one parent lives abroad some or all of the time, you may want to involve the courts to ensure you can enforce any childcare arrangements you make. Our family law experts have worked on many international cases and can help you to understand the additional challenges and the appropriate protections to put in place for your children.

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