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Our divorce lawyers have the expertise to advise on civil partnership dissolution, including ending a civil partnership for same-sex couples and mixed-sex couples alike. In general, the law views same-sex couples and mixed-sex couples equally, although there are certain important differences, such as the definition of adultery.

Because of this, if your partner has cheated on you with someone of their own sex, you usually will not be able to claim adultery as grounds for dissolution. Our team can help you to establish if you still have a basis to apply for a civil partnership dissolution, for example by citing unreasonable behaviour instead.

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Whatever the circumstances behind your separation, MLP’s team of expert dissolution lawyers can help you to understand your rights, especially in light of the relatively recent introduction of civil partnerships into English law.

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Same-sex divorce with children

Our family lawyers have handled many cases involving children and can advise on dissolving a civil partnership or divorcing from a same-sex marriage when you have dependants together with your spouse.

This includes making appropriate financial arrangements, drawing up a residential agreement, and safeguarding dependants if you are leaving a marriage or civil partnership due to domestic abuse, including either physical violence and/or coercive control.

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Frequently asked civil partnership questions

How many civil partnership dissolutions in the UK are there?

ONS figures show there are about 1,000 civil partnership dissolutions in the UK each year. Slightly more than half involve same-sex female couples, although most same-sex civil partnerships are between men. Some dissolutions are due to same-sex couples choosing to get married instead after previously forming a civil partnership.

Do we need to dissolve our civil partnership to get married?

Same-sex couples can convert a civil partnership directly into a marriage and will receive a marriage certificate dated from the start of the civil partnership. In effect, this is primarily for same-sex couples who formed their civil partnership before same-sex marriage was introduced into English law.

Can a mixed-sex couple convert a civil partnership to a marriage?

Under current English law, no. If you are in an opposite-sex civil partnership and you would like to be married instead, you will need to dissolve your civil partnership and then get married. However, this does not have to be a difficult process as it should be entirely amicable, and our dissolution lawyers can help you to proceed and be aware of any risks.

Can I claim adultery as grounds to dissolve a civil partnership?

If your partner slept with someone of their own sex, this is currently not defined as adultery for civil partnership dissolution or divorcing a marriage. You may have grounds under ‘unreasonable behaviour’ though, or desertion if your spouse has ended your relationship.

What about finances after dissolution of a civil partnership?

Again, the broad issues affecting family finances after dissolution of a civil partnership are the same as they would be when divorcing from a marriage. Our family law experts can help you to decide what you are entitled to, as well as identifying any savings and assets (e.g. private pensions) that should be factored into your settlement.

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