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Get the legal protection you need from domestic abuse

Nobody should feel unsafe in their own home or have to live with ongoing verbal, physical or psychological abuse. Our Domestic Abuse Solicitors can help you get fast legal protection to prevent further harm and restrict future contact with your abuser.

We provide the compassionate support you need in traumatic cases, along with the practical legal advice to enforce relevant court orders against your abuser. We can help you to leave and go somewhere safe, or enforce an Occupation Order to stay in your home.

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Court orders for domestic abuse cases

A court order can give you immediate legal protection against ongoing domestic abuse. Examples of relevant court orders for domestic abuse cases include:

  • Non-Molestation Order to prevent continued threats of violence
  • Occupation Order to determine who has access to some or all of a property

These can help with some of the immediate risks in domestic abuse cases. MLP’s Domestic Abuse Solicitors are here to help with these and any other concerns you might have. Our consultations are completely confidential and your safety is our priority.

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Types of domestic abuse

Domestic abuse is not always physical and the injuries may not be visible. For example, you should not feel trapped in a relationship with a partner who is verbally abusive, even if only some of the time.

  • Abuse can be physical or psychological
  • Domestic abuse now includes coercive control

Coercive control may mean your partner prevents you from accessing money, or tries to stop you from seeing your friends. They may also attempt to track your movements or otherwise check up on your activities.

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Frequently asked Domestic Abuse questions

Am I a victim of domestic abuse?

The definition of domestic abuse is quite broad and we can help you decide if your partner has committed an offence. If you feel unsafe, it’s important to seek help immediately, as there is a variety of emergency support available.

Should I leave the property?

If you are in immediate danger, please consider going somewhere safe. However, remember that an Occupation Order can ban your partner from entering the property (or a specific part of it) if you have nowhere else to go.

What if I have children?

Children are also entitled to protection against domestic violence and abuse. We can help you get the support you need to safeguard your children. Let us know immediately if there are children in the household, so we can give you the correct advice.

Does marriage affect domestic abuse?

Your domestic abuse rights are broadly the same whether you are married, in a civil partnership or co-habiting. There may be other issues raised, such as deciding whether you want a divorce, but the first step is to make sure you are safe.

What if my partner breaches a court order?

Breaching a Non-Molestation Order is a criminal offence and your partner may be arrested by the police. Occupation Orders can also include a power of arrest. In an emergency or if you feel in immediate danger, call 999.

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