Leanne Sodergren - MLP Law

Chief Operating Officer (COO)- MLPower

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Leanne Sodergren

Chief Operating Officer (COO)- MLPower

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Number 0161 926 1530

Dept MLPower

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Leanne started her career at an 8 Partner LawNet law firm in Huddersfield before moving to Manchester to join a multi-national law firm Eversheds.  Leanne is ILCA qualified and has gained vast knowledge over the years’ on how finance in a law firm actually works. As well as finance Leanne looks after the HR, Operations and compliance of the firm, basically anything non legal.


Leanne is an avid Huddersfield town and Man City fan and believes in working hard to provide a future for her daughter Mia. Leanne hopes she is a great role model for Mia and is teaching her that working smartly really does pay off and opens doors to a great career.