Nicole Zielinski - MLP Law

Legal and Personal Assistant to Sam Swann

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Nicole Zielinski

Legal and Personal Assistant to Sam Swann

Number 01135 213444

Dept Real Estate

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Nicole is currently in her first year of her 2-year LLB program at the University of Leeds. Before arriving in the UK, Nicole graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology, French and Italian language studies from McGill University in Canada. Nicole has previously volunteered and contributed to various NGO organizations through a legal researcher role and spent a summer working for a Pro Bono legal clinic in South Africa. Most recently, she spent almost a year working for a family and civil litigation lawyer in Toronto, Canada. Nicole very much enjoyed learning the respective procedures in these sectors, interacting with clients and corresponding with courts. Nicole is very eager to apply her knowledge as an aspiring solicitor. 

In Nicole’s’ free time she enjoys cooking and baking. She enjoys exploring recipes from all around the world and outside of her comfort zone. When she is not in the kitchen, Nicole enjoys spending her time long distance running and participating in amateur races. Finally, all the rest of Nicole’s spare time is spent on her great passion for Formula 1 and Motorsports.