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Selling a Leasehold property with a Management Company

Several solicitors’ firms are calling for the residential leasehold sale process to be altered in 2017, to try and put an end to unacceptable delays, high fees, and excessive ground rents being charged.  After all, sellers simply want push their transactions though as efficiently and cost effectively as possible.   According to the Conveyancing Association, […]

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Investment Property Fraud Protection

Property fraud is on the rise.  Properties which are not occupied by the registered owner, especially a property which is mortgage free, can be targeted as the subject matter of property fraud.  For example, a fraudster could pose as a tenant of an empty property and obtain ID which they ultimately use to sell or […]

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Brexit: Do you need a Brexit clause?

It was confirmed earlier this week that the UK will trigger Article 50 on Wednesday 29 March 2017.  With this in mind, we consider the impact that Brexit could have on commercial contracts and whether you should consider incorporating a clause allowing you to renegotiate and/or terminate a contract when the UK leaves the EU. […]

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EU Ruling – Ban on religious clothing and symbols in the workplace

A ban on religious clothing and symbols in the workplace has been a controversial topic for some time and a recent European Court of Justice (“ECJ”) case in which an employee was banned from wearing a headscarf has received a lot of media interest. G4S in Belgium had a policy of neutrality under which it […]

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Could your Will be ignored? An update following the Supreme Court decision on the case of Ilott v Mitson

We previously reported on a case in which Heather Ilott, a 54-year-old mother of five living in Hertfordshire, was awarded £164,000 from her mother’s estate by the Court of Appeal. The decision followed a decade of legal battles between Mrs Ilott and three charities regarding the distribution of the estate. Melita Jackson, Mrs Ilott’s mother, […]

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The Secrets of Successful Dispute Resolution

Handled incorrectly, disputes can quickly become a drain both emotionally and financially. Your time is very precious. Below is our recipe for success so that whatever the dispute, you can continue with your daily affairs with peace of mind: Hire a lawyer who will take control by making your problem their problem and focus solely […]

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3 Reasons You Need Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions are your written agreements with – and legal basis for – your customers or suppliers. They contain the general and special provisions, requirements, standards, specifications and rules which form the integral part of your relationship with third parties. The commercial terms of most agreements often vary from customer to customer (or, conversely, […]

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Disabled person’s Trust

Many people suffering from disabilities receive means-tested benefits or services and, when they receive money from inheritance this is counted as an asset for the purpose of calculating entitlement to benefits. Therefore, little difference is made to their lives when they receive inheritance, as it usually replaces the benefits they previously received. A Disabled Person’s […]

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Different Ways for Developers to Secure Development Sites

Here at MLP Law, our Real Estate team are often asked to advise our property clients upon the different types of contract that can be used to acquire or sell land. Our head of Real Estate, Richard Holmes considers some of the different types of contract that can be used:   Unconditional Purchase Contracts   […]

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7 Must Have Legal Documents For Business

For many business owners, the cut and thrust of everyday operations means that prioritising time to put legal documents in place to protect their business is difficult. However, without that protection, when involved in disputes, businesses can find themselves negotiating with one or both hands tied behind their backs and spending thousands of pounds in […]

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