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MLP provides expert legal services for opticians.  We have a wealth of experience in working with opticians, from buying a business and putting legal structures in place to ensure it’s a success, through to selling an opticians.

Legal services for opticians

There are a number of specific services that we can talk through with clients to help them get their business on track and make sure it stays there.  These include:

  1. Business health check
  2. On-going retainer based support
  3. Employment law
  4. Shareholder agreements
  5. Commercial property advice
  6. Pre-Sale Preparation
  7. Selling an optician business

So, why MLP Law?

Quite simply, we know the industry and we understand your challenges.  Instead of being a reactive firm we have the commercial knowledge to anticipate any problems you may face at any stage in the business life cycle of an opticians and put the right structure in place to ensure you remain on course.

We believe in total transparency with our clients and we work closely with them to avoid any unnecessary holds up in the buying or selling transaction.

To find out more about our team, our experience and our fees, please get in touch with our lawyers for opticians on 0161 926 9969.

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