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78% of companies

78% of companies haven’t registered their logo or name. Registering these can protect you from lengthy, expensive legal battles should a third party try to copy you.*

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7 in 10 employers

7 in 10 employers say they don’t have an up to date policy and procedures handbook. Keeping it updated provides you with documentation that helps support and protect you.*

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£16,500 average settlement

The average unfair dismissal award for 2016/17 was just over £16,500. Failing to follow legally compliant procedures significantly exposes employers to unfair dismissal claims.*

Your Vulnerability Score?

Find out how vulnerable your business might be in just a few minutes with our simple Vulnerability Score Calculator. See how your company stands up against the average company score.

Average Score: 82%*

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*Results of independent study carried out by MLP Law with a selection of its clients.

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