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Donné Long

Donné is currently a part-time student at The University of South Africa (UNISA), completing a bachelor’s degree in international relations, her major is Political Science & International Law. With a primary focus on Political Science, Donné has always found international law fascinating and aspires to represent her country in a political setting abroad. Donné is enthusiastic about learning and expanding her knowledge in this field of law while acquiring new skills along the way. Donné works remotely from South Africa as a PA to Sam Swann but anticipates visiting the UK in the near future.

Vanessa Ncube

Vanessa is a legal assistant to Sam Swann, working remotely from South Africa.

She holds a BA LLB degree and became an admitted Attorney in South Africa in 2021. Vanessa has valuable experience in the legal property industry, claims assessments, and the financial services sector.

With a keen interest in commercial/corporate law and property law, Vanessa finds the diverse career options and practice areas within the legal field fascinating. She aims to acquire knowledge of the UK legal systems through her work at mlplaw.

In her spare time, Vanessa enjoys spending quality time with loved ones, watching TV, and occasionally indulging in hiking.