How does the development of AI (Artificial Intelligence) affect legal services?

There is an AI buzz in the air at the moment – it’s being discussed everywhere and reported on all over the media. The world is trying to work out how AI will affect their profession or business. But… what is AI and can it actually take over?

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is an area of computer science that emphasises the creation of intelligent machines that are designed to work and react like humans with things including speech recognition, thinking for themselves and learning to make decisions based on the data they are being fed, much like the human brain. Due to algorithms, AI systems and machines are now able to perform large tasks faster than humans and we see AI in everyday life with things such as Amazon‘s Alexa, Uber, Mobile Banking, Siri and self-driving cars such as Tesla. However, much of AI is still in development and with AI come questions around security amongst other things. It is not known what will come next and what problems it will solve, or indeed create.

We believe that whilst AI is changing, and shaping, the way some legal services are delivered, there’s a lot of things our clients value that AI cannot provide. AI cannot replace real people, providing bespoke and proactive advice in a way that is easily understood with no legal jargon. We, as MLP people, guide our clients on their journey, we work with them and help both individuals and businesses achieve their goals and cover all bases.

AI could help with the administrative side of law and churn out work that requires certain answers, measured on a vast scale, at speed and with accuracy but what AI can’t compete with is real people, giving real advice by way of real human interaction. As a species, we look for advice or options on complex matters, explained simply.

Currently, investing in AI is expensive, the increase in costs and training for AI is unknown, as is the speed of development and/or adaptability within different sectors. Businesses need to plan and budget ahead in terms of resource, time and money. People also want peace of mind, sound, bespoke advice and to be able to get on with their main competencies in order to achieve their goals – and that’s where MLP Flex comes in.

MLP Flex gives you access to all of our specialist teams who get to know you and understands your business journey. We work with you over the long-term and pro-actively. MLP Flex enables businesses to budget over an agreed period of time (minimum 12 months) for their legal requirements and is based on a set number of hours, at a significantly reduced hourly rate, paid monthly. This enables our clients to access the support they need without having to agree separate fees each time advice is needed. We are challenging the way legal services are delivered to enable easy access and flexibility for everyone whilst keeping our personable, human touch.

For more information on MLP Flex and understand how it can change the way you access legal services, our team would be happy to discuss this with you further. Please contact us on 0161 926 1551 or by email at to arrange the best time for you.