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Kim and Kayne – Will it be amicable?

There is  always fascination with celebrity breakups, with Kim Kardashian now announcing her divorce to Kanye West there will be speculation as to how this play will play out?

Kim and Kanye are known to have a pre nup agreement which are  unlike the UK   automatically enforceable in the  US, therefore finances should hopefully be dealt with amicably and avoid any lengthy hostile litigation. What the pre nup can’t dictate is child arrangements, this will have to be agreed separately between them. It is always hoped that separating couples can construct a joint parenting plan that suits the children’s needs.

You do not have to have a celebrity status or money to consider a pre nup, with an increasing amount of people in the UK looking to entering into either a Pre Nup or a cohabitation agreement which can assist immensely should the relationship breakdown in the future.

If you would like to learn more about how a Pre Nup or a cohabitation agreement could be useful to you please do not hesitate to contact Rachael Wood who is Partner in our family department on 0161 926 1581 or