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Understanding Discrimination Claims in the Employment Tribunal

There are so many layers to discrimination claims in the Employment Tribunal that employers often don’t know where to start.

Avoiding discrimination claims in the first place is clearly the best approach, but if you do receive a claim, how do you defend it? As an employer, it’s vital to understand the complexities of discrimination claims so that you’re ready to tackle the common hurdles which affect employers head-on.

Thankfully, the Employment Tribunal experts at mlplaw have created this blog, especially for employers seeking to protect their business from discrimination claims.

Peel back the layers of complexity:

Discrimination legislation generally, and discrimination claims specifically, can be incredibly daunting for employers. However, with expert guidance, these layers of complexity can be stripped back so that you can protect your business from Employment Tribunal claims.

From recognising the protected characteristics (such as race, age, sex, or disability) to understanding the differences between the different forms of discrimination (such as direct, indirect, or harassment), when you understand the legal framework you can put into practice effective measures to ensure you don’t fall foul of your obligations.

Common challenges for employers and addressing them proactively:

It is all too easy for employers to fail to identify and appropriately tackle discriminatory behaviours, or to overlook the importance of putting in place effective policies and procedures to prevent such behaviour from occurring.

The employment law experts at mlplaw have seen these mistakes and many more. They have also seen how costly they can be for employers and have practical solutions to prevent your business from falling into the same trap.

They know that the key to overcoming these challenges lies in taking proactive measures. Employers need robust anti-discrimination policies, regular training to educate employees on what is and aren’t acceptable in the workplace (as well as for managers on how to deal with discriminatory behaviour), and a commitment to fostering an inclusive workplace culture.

Addressing issues promptly, conducting thorough investigations, and taking corrective action when necessary are all crucial steps in building a workplace that values diversity and combats discrimination.

Tailored Solutions for Employers:

We know that each case is unique and our approach involves providing a bespoke solution that is tailored to your business needs. Whether it’s preventative measures, dispute resolution, or representing you in the Employment Tribunal, mlplaw offers a comprehensive suite of services specifically designed to safeguard your business.


Discrimination claims may be complex, but with the right expertise and support, proactive employers can tackle the challenges these claims bring and avoid the consequences that can befall the unprepared.

Contact us today on 0161 929 9969 or employment@mlplaw.co.uk to schedule a consultation and ensure you give your business the best chance of successfully avoiding and defending discrimination claims in the Employment Tribunal.