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Make the most of your MLP Flex Retainer

How would you like 2 free MLP Flex hours?

We want the whole world to know about MLP Flex.

Or, to put it more accurately, we want more businesses to feel the benefits of MLP Flex.

After all, which business wouldn’t benefit from proactive, Partner-led commercial and legal support for a simple monthly fixed fee?

We know there’s no one better at telling others about the proactive, commercial legal support it brings than our MLP Flex clients.

That’s why we wanted to let you know about the MLP Flex “Refer a Friend” scheme.

We’d love it if you could share your experiences of MLP Flex with your friends, business contacts or anyone else you think might also benefit from MLP Flex.

In return, if anyone you refer to us becomes an MLP Flex client, as a thank you from us you will automatically receive an allocation boost of 2 free MLP Flex hours.

Further details can be found below:

• If you refer someone to us who becomes an MLP Flex client, we will automatically apply an allocation boost of 2 free hours to your MLP Flex service.

• Only current MLP Flex clients are eligible for the MLP Flex Refer a Friend allocation boost.

• Your allocation boost will apply from the month after your referral signs up to MLP Flex and applies only to the current MLP Flex period.

• The person/business you refer must sign up to a minimum MLP Flex service of 12 months and a minimum MLP Flex allocation of 10 hours.

• The allocation boost does not apply to referrals between group companies or associated companies.

If you are not yet an MLP Flex client, please click the link below to find out how MLP Law can help your business get ahead of the game.

MLP Flex – Don’t just take our word for it

MLP Flex is great! It’s the perfect solution for proactively, and cost effectively, managing your business’ legal needs.

Of course, we would say that.

But don’t just take our word for it. Why not read what other business leaders have to say about MLP Flex and find out why our average client satisfaction score for MLP Flex is 9.8?

Testimonials from our MLP Flex clients:

“The main benefit of MLP Flex to us is the speed and the convenience, you can send a quick email with a query and get a prompt response. We don’t have to worry about waiting for quotes for the work to be agreed and paying invoices.” Simon Yates, Financial Controller and Company Secretary, Rota Engineering Ltd

“With MLP Flex, we don’t need to worry about day to day employment issues and we have peace of mind knowing that we have the back up and support of a trusted team.” Simon Kane, National Administration Manager, GKR Karate Admin Services LLP

“MLP Flex is great because it enables me to rollover costs and manage cash flow. MLP respect the fact that we have busier times and look at our legal requirements over a 12 month period to determine our requirements.” Lindsay Southward, HRD, Malmaison Hotel du Vin (when quote given) / (now at Village Hotels)

“We always receive timely advice and it is given in plain and understandable terms.” Claire Gardner, MD Osborne Delta (Lightning Conductors) Ltd

“Always on top of the latest changes and challenges facing businesses, providing simple and effective advice.” Simon Kane, National Administration Manager, GKR Karate Admin Services LLP

“Constantly high-quality assistance in a wide-ranging amount of HR and Employment Law issues, including major projects like a Covid resulting redundancy process, Disciplinaries and Employment Tribunals down to quick small inquiries. The replies are always clear and thorough, in easy-to-understand language that can be passed to all concerned without a need to be watered down into plain English.” Simon Yates, Financial Controller and Company Secretary, Rota Engineering Limited

“Gareth is easy to get a hold of and seems to have confidence in his approach. When Gareth is not available, he always ensures that he follows up with you in a timely approach.  Fantastic service and appreciated.” Jamie Whiteley, MD, Pulsar Health

“Excellent support from Gareth whenever it is needed.  Gareth has a sound understanding of our business and always provides a swift response.” Angela Bozward, Interim HR Manager, Belfry Hotel & Resort

Always very quick reactive responses, and understand the issues being raised easily.  Good practical advice given, with different options explained and the pros/cons of each detailed concisely and clearly.” Ellie Hill, Managing Director, Delta Steeplejacks Limited

“MLP have always provided us with fast and detailed advice, which is never generic, but relates specifically to our organisation. Gareth Matthews has been our main contact at MLP for several years and has always offered reliable and timely advice.” Michelle Cannon, Operations & Personnel Director, ICX4 Ltd

“The regular Q&A webinars have been a great addition this year, with all hot topics up for discussion. No query is too small for the team at MLP to assist with.” Simon Yates, Financial Controller and Company Secretary, Rota Engineering Limited

“Paying a monthly retainer for MLP Flex, benefits us as I do not need to worry about how much it is going to cost when I need to pick up the phone and speak to a member of the team. It’s great to be safe in the knowledge that whatever issue may arise, the MLP Law team are on hand to provide us with sound, pragmatic advice.” Anonymous

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MLP Flex case study

Most businesses only call their Solicitor when things go wrong and they feel they have no other option. Sadly, by then, it may be too late – it’s reactive and options may be limited.

MLP Flex works proactively, our specialists identifying solutions long before problems even arise.  Our commercial approach aims to keep your options open and, best of all, it saves you time, money and stress.

The below case studies demonstrate how MLP Flex has helped clients stay ahead of the game, keep their options open and minimse the time, cost and stress of dealing with legal issues. 

Company A – without MLP Flex

Company A doesn’t want to incur the cost of ongoing legal advice, so only calls its lawyers when something goes wrong and as a last resort.

Out of the blue, a key senior employee is accused of a serious act of gross misconduct and disciplinary proceedings are necessary.

Company A tries to minmise its legal costs by dealing with the process internally. The employee is ultimately dismissed after the allegation is upheld.

Company A then receives an Employment Tribunal claim from their disgruntled ex-employer and calls its lawyer for advice.

Company A’s lawyers, charging on an hourly rate basis, advise that they have serious concerns that the claim will succeed due to considerable flaws in the disciplinary process. They advise that there is only one feasible option, which is to settle the claim.

Company A has no option but to instruct its lawyers to settle the claim. Settlement is eventually achieved following protracted negotiations, with Company A agreeing to pay significant compensation to their ex-employer.

Company A’s lawyers also recommend a full review of the employment contracts used by Company A, after it was revealed that the ex-employee left with no confidentiality protections or post-termination restrictions, enabling them to compete with Company A and poach its customers without restriction.

Company A’s overall expenditure, including hourly rate legal fees, compensation, updating its contracts and dealing with the unexpected competition from its ex-employee, runs into the tens of thousands. 

So how would MLP Flex have helped?

Company B – with MLP Flex

Company B is an MLP Flex client. It pays a fixed monthly fee for proactive and commercial legal advice.

Each year Company B undergoes a full HR Audit, which highlights any risks and vulnerabilities it may face and recommends steps for addressing these. This includes ensuring the correct policies and procedures are in place and that all employment contracts contain watertight confidentility clauses and post-termination restrictions.

Company B also receives monthly MLP Flex newsletters and attends the monthly MLP Flex Employment webinar, meaning it keeps up to date with key developments in Employment Law. 

Company B also uses MLP Flex to design bespoke training sessions for its managers, ensuring they are empowered to conduct effective disciplinary processes.

Company B also has MLP Law’s experienced Legal Experts on hand, at no extra cost, to guide it through any tricky situations it faces, receiving all of the documents and guidance it ever needs to ensure all situations are handled smoothly.

Company B therefore does not face the same issues as Company A, with the prospects of a claim being brought against them greatly reduced.

Even if a claim was to be received, Company B would have a wider range of options and can be confident of successfully defending any claims, meaning it will not end up being pressured into settling a claim by paying large compensation sums.

Company B also does not face the risk of competition from its ex-employee because the ex-employee remains bound by watertight post-termination restrictions and confidentiality obligations.

Company B faces no additional costs for dealing with the situations outlined above. It simply continuing to pay its fixed monthly fee for MLP Flex.

Contact us today on 0161 926 9969 or to discuss how MLP Flex can help you get ahead of the game.

Top 5 things you need to know about our innovative product MLP Flex

  1. One size doesn’t fit all – MLP Flex is a tailored Legal retainer that adapts with business needs. We talk to you about your business and your needs and create your Flex
  2. Access to expert legal advice from a team of qualified solicitors who will give you both practical and specialist advice
  3. Access to all of our specialist teams – one file, one Flex, low admin for you and your business, peace of mind and reassurance. You can be safe in the knowledge that all planned and ad-hoc legal requirements are taken care of and advised on with no prior admin required.
  4. Pro-active approach and reactive when things come up. MLP Flex allows you to have a specialist legal team there to support you throughout your business journey.
  5. MLP Flex is billed monthly meaning it is good for cash flow and budgets. There is no monthly invoice, just an annual invoice at the outset and direct payments set up for each month. It really is that easy.

Ask us about MLP Flex – to discuss your Flex send an email to and one of the team will get back to you #TogetherWeCan


A coffee with Stephen Attree

The legal industry has experienced a period of flux in recent years, all thanks to technological advances, an increasingly savvy client base and non-traditional alternatives appearing on the market.

As such, MLP Law are challenging the way legal services are delivered. They realise it’s no longer enough to be legally minded and technically excellent. Clients need business advisors who can understand their business and work with them at each stage of their business journey. This new approach has already benefitted many of MLP Law’s clients.

In this interview, Managing Partner, Stephen Attree, explains why MLP Law are different and what they are doing to ensure they stay one step ahead and how they are consistently looking to improve the service their clients receive.

  1. How is the legal industry changing?

“As technology and communication methods are changing the way our clients do business is changing, technology is enabling and demanding that we work in different ways with our clients. Clients rightly expect professional advisers who are accessible, responsive and provide plain, straight forward advice.

This is why we created MLP Flex, a bespoke offering providing legal services to businesses and business owners on a retained, fixed agreed monthly fee. Doing away with hourly charges, as we understand that the needs of a business changes as it grows and evolves.

At MLP, our growth is coming from a number of different areas, though predominantly in linking our day to day work with clients to their longer term goals and objectives. Our approach means we connect and do more for existing clients. New clients that we engage with appreciate the different approach we take, which is based on building long term sustainable relationships.”

  1. What are MLP doing to change it?

“We take the time at the start of our relationships to understand clients longer term ambitions and goals. This enables us to set out a long term programme of support, covered under a tailored retainer model that works for the client. The benefits of MLP Flex are that it gives businesses certainty, by having lawyers at the end of the phone to support whatever immediate needs they may have, working to longer term goals, without having to worry about additional costs and charges. No nasty surprises.

We’ve invested in providing new services such as Building and Construction legal support and Business Immigration, having identified additional need from our clients in these areas. In addition our teams are growing across Dispute Resolution, Employment and HR, Corporate and Commercial and Private Client (wills, trusts and wealth planning).”

  1. What is the feedback from business leaders?

“The flexibility of our MLP Flex model is very well received. Understandably some clients still utilise the one-off ‘as you go’ model though we’re finding more and more businesses and business leaders are choosing MLP Flex as they benefit from the certainty provided.

MLP Flex clients tell us they value that they can simply pick up the phone and speak to a lawyer with relevant experience, without worrying about cost. This helps them to be better informed and supports quicker decision making, nipping potential issues in the bud quickly and effectively.

We believe that we’ll never leave a client with a problem, we’ll always offer a solution.”

  1. Is it really different?

“Yes, we believe it is. A truly client focussed approach – we don’t just pay lip service to it, we practice and demonstrate the client is front and centre of everything we do. We’ve removed barriers between teams, as the client doesn’t need to be, and isn’t, interested in internal processes to monitor team and individual billings (that exist in every other law firm) – they want the right advice provided at the right time by the right people.

That’s what a tailor made solution under MLP flex provides.”

  1. How does it work?

“From the first introductory meeting and throughout our relationship with the client, we’re learning about them to understand what their medium and long term goals are. We work with clients to agree where they are currently on their journey to allow us to work with them to plan out the next steps. We have a range of proprietary tools that help us assess clients immediate, medium and long term needs – fully aligned with their goals.

We work with clients to keep them up to date, on a regular basis which helps keep their business on track. Using whichever methods they prefer – either our client portal, telephone, video calls, emails, meetings – we seek to deliver what is needed, when it is needed it and how they need it.”

  1. How do you believe the development of AI (Artificial Intelligence) will affect the legal services sector?

“Clients tell us that they want legal advice aligned to their business. That takes not only a good understanding of the company and its goals and issues but also sound commercial acumen of the legal team. Yes AI is changing and shaping the way some legal services are delivered but that won’t replace real people providing proactive, relevant and easy to apply advice, people who can guide clients along the way is what helps businesses get on with their core competencies to reach their ambitions – and that’s what MLP Flex does.”

  1. How does your recruitment process support your company vision?

“We invest significant time and resource into understanding the values of our people and how they relate to enabling superior service for our clients – MLP people are immersed in commerce, understanding the business environment our clients operate in. By approaching their work with enthusiasm, and the belief that they strive to provide the highest level of service (amazing their clients with speed of response, following through and doing what they promise to do) and, yes, they know their stuff of course!”

To find out more about MLP Flex and how it could benefit your business , get in touch with MLP Law today on 0161 926 9969 or email you find out more about MLP Law and MLP Flex by visiting our website

How does the development of AI (Artificial Intelligence) affect legal services?

There is an AI buzz in the air at the moment – it’s being discussed everywhere and reported on all over the media. The world is trying to work out how AI will affect their profession or business. But… what is AI and can it actually take over?

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is an area of computer science that emphasises the creation of intelligent machines that are designed to work and react like humans with things including speech recognition, thinking for themselves and learning to make decisions based on the data they are being fed, much like the human brain. Due to algorithms, AI systems and machines are now able to perform large tasks faster than humans and we see AI in everyday life with things such as Amazon‘s Alexa, Uber, Mobile Banking, Siri and self-driving cars such as Tesla. However, much of AI is still in development and with AI come questions around security amongst other things. It is not known what will come next and what problems it will solve, or indeed create.

We believe that whilst AI is changing, and shaping, the way some legal services are delivered, there’s a lot of things our clients value that AI cannot provide. AI cannot replace real people, providing bespoke and proactive advice in a way that is easily understood with no legal jargon. We, as MLP people, guide our clients on their journey, we work with them and help both individuals and businesses achieve their goals and cover all bases.

AI could help with the administrative side of law and churn out work that requires certain answers, measured on a vast scale, at speed and with accuracy but what AI can’t compete with is real people, giving real advice by way of real human interaction. As a species, we look for advice or options on complex matters, explained simply.

Currently, investing in AI is expensive, the increase in costs and training for AI is unknown, as is the speed of development and/or adaptability within different sectors. Businesses need to plan and budget ahead in terms of resource, time and money. People also want peace of mind, sound, bespoke advice and to be able to get on with their main competencies in order to achieve their goals – and that’s where MLP Flex comes in.

MLP Flex gives you access to all of our specialist teams who get to know you and understands your business journey. We work with you over the long-term and pro-actively. MLP Flex enables businesses to budget over an agreed period of time (minimum 12 months) for their legal requirements and is based on a set number of hours, at a significantly reduced hourly rate, paid monthly. This enables our clients to access the support they need without having to agree separate fees each time advice is needed. We are challenging the way legal services are delivered to enable easy access and flexibility for everyone whilst keeping our personable, human touch.

For more information on MLP Flex and understand how it can change the way you access legal services, our team would be happy to discuss this with you further. Please contact us on 0161 926 1551 or by email at to arrange the best time for you.

Introducing MLP Flex

With new technology comes differing attitudes and approaches to both personal lifestyle and the way we do business.

A recent report by the broadcast regulator Ofcom hit the headlines this week, showing trends have changed and fewer people are watching live television today. Gone are the days of tuning in to watch your favourite programme once a week, with the arrival of Netflix, Amazon Prime and NowTV taking over. Teenagers are reportedly watching YouTube for an average of one hour per day, with the Internet and online streaming sites taking over and changing the way we do things.

There’s always an exception to the rule and ITV2’s Love Island has sent the nation into a frenzy with 3.4 million people tuning into the launch, breaking the record for ITV2’s highest overnight rating ever since records go back. The show has a solid following and people are dedicating every night between 9pm-10pm to catch up on the latest drama from The Villa. However, this is only around for 8 weeks, with 1 week to go until the final. People will then most likely revert back to the more flexible services offered by the streaming sites.
The flexibility of monthly streaming services such as Netflix allow people to watch their favourite shows as and when it suits them, regardless of when or where they are.

At MLP, we are following in these footsteps and want to provide a service to our clients that suits them… Introducing MLP Flex.
MLP Flex gives you access to all of our specialist teams who get to know your business journey and work with you long-term and pro-actively. MLP Flex enables you to budget over an agreed period of time (minimum 12 months) for your legal requirements and is based on a set number of hours, at a significantly reduced hourly rate, paid monthly. This enables our clients to access the support they need without having to agree separate fees each time advice is needed. We are challenging the way legal services are delivered to enable easy access and flexibility for everyone. #

For more information on MLP Flex, changing the way you access legal services and what to do, or if you would like any further information, our team would be happy to discuss with you further. Please contact us on 0161 926 1551 or by email at to arrange the best time for you.

Proactive vs Reactive: use your time wisely

The Telegraph has reported that one of the major ways businesses waste time is by failing to outsource. They report that:
‘Every company likes to think that it’s good at everything, and there’s a natural desire to keep everything in-house. This is not a good way of working, and a failure to outsource can cost your business in time, money and expertise. With the right partners, you can outsource parts of your business to experts in that area, reducing cost and making your business work faster’.
Outsourcing legal work is one way that senior managers and business owners can save time, money and stress. Why not outsource to experts?

When it comes to protecting yourself and your business, there is no time to waste time!

Senior managers and business owners spend a lot of time worrying about things that they don’t need to worry about. There are, naturally, certain things that need their attention and constant support but there are other things that can be handled by different people for peace of mind and to eliminate some of the stress that these roles carry.

It’s all about planning ahead.

A company can create a proactive growth plan to ensure they have solid foundations in place on which to build and maintain a successful business.
Reactive legal services are designed solely to resolve issues as they arise. It is important to think about both sides of the coin. There will be some needs that arise unexpectedly and therefore need to be dealt with as and when however, there are a lot of situations that a business can be thinking about in advance and approach proactively.

It is a popular misconception that by only engaging legal services as and when required, this is a more cost effective solution, however, this is not the case and approaching your legal services provider in this way will cost more over time.
A proactive approach to legal services allows a long-term relationship with your legal provider and actively protects and improves the business as a result. This adds value to the business and mitigates against issues before they can arise.

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions…

Business owners and key decision makers within organisations need to make the best choice for the business. It is important to consider whether monthly costs for a future proof and fail safe legal services solution is better value than the ultimate cost of a law suit on your desk, and the loss of trust and customer relationships or ultimately, the loss of the business.
A proactive legal retainer is the best option for most businesses. Whilst the annual cost of this may seem higher than if you contacted a solicitor only when issues arise, long-term this option will add value, mitigate against potentially costly issues and give senior managers and business owners the peace of mind they need to do what they do best and keep growing the business.

How can we help?

MLP Flex gives you access to all of our specialist teams who get to know your business journey and work with you long-term and proactively. MLP Flex enables you to budget over a period of 12 months for your legal requirements and is based on a set number of hours, at a significantly reduced hourly rate and is paid monthly. This enables our clients to access the support they need without having to agree separate fees each time advice is needed whilst spreading the cost.
For more information on MLP Flex, changing the way you access legal services and what to do, or if you would like any further information, our team would be happy to discuss with you further. Please contact us on 0161 926 1551 or by email at to arrange the best time for you.