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Why would I? I’m only 20

I watched a film last night called ‘The Beekeeper’, which is a typical Jason Statham action/thriller but a good escape from reality in our downtime of being “sensible lawyers.” The essence of the plot is that when his good-natured boss commits suicide after losing all her own money plus that of her charities to a massive scam, he sets out on a vengeance campaign against the scammers.

The 20-year-old owner of the scamming operation is threatened by Statham, who delivers the following line before administering “justice”: “So I hope you have your estate planning in order,” to which the scammer replies, “Why would I? I’m only 20.” I laughed out loud at these lines while my partner just looked at me like I was crazy. Why is that funny?

We are trying to instill in clients and potential clients all the time the importance of estate planning: making a will, putting your powers of attorney in order, tax planning, pensions, savings, life assurance, all the hard work you put into your career, property improvements, caring for your family—you need to make sure this is all protected. Yes, things change, and so does the plan.

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