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Entrusting our Wills, Trusts & Probate lawyers ensures that you navigate the complex landscape of estate planning and inheritance matters with utmost expertise and efficiency. We bring a wealth of experience to the table, crafting customised solutions tailored to your unique needs.

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A Will is one of the most important legal documents you will make, and dictates what will happen to your assets after you pass away. Having a professionally drafted Will ensures your wishes are adhered to and can protect your assets for your loved ones by including trusts,effective Inheritance Tax planning, and reduce the likelihood of a successful claim against your estate.

How we can help:

  • Straightforward Wills
  • Wills including trusts of property
  • Wills including Business Property Relief Trusts
  • Wills including Agricultural Property Relief Trusts
  • Wills including Charitable Trusts
  • Wills including provision for vulnerable beneficiaries
  • Excluding estranged family members from your Will and mitigating the threat of future claims against your estate
  • Providing Inheritance Tax advice
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Lasting Powers of Attorney

By making Lasting Powers of Attorney, you can choose people you trust to make decisions relating to your property and financial affairs and health and welfare in the event that you lose capacity and are no longer able to make those decisions for yourself.

How we can help:

  • Preparing and registering Lasting Powers of Attorney for your property and financial affairs
  • Preparing and registering Lasting Powers of Attorney for your health and welfare
  • Preparing and registering Lasting Powers of Attorney limited to your business interests
  • Acting as a professional attorney
  • Advising attorneys on their role and responsibilities
  • Creating a Living Will or Advanced Decision
  • Acting as your Certificate Provider
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Obtaining a Grant of Probate/Letters of Administration

Our assistance with probate matters can be tailored specifically to suit your requirements. We can help as little or as much as you need, and provide you with a bespoke cost for our involvement. Seeking legal advice at the early stages of a probate matter is crucial when Inheritance Tax is payable, as there may be steps that can be taken to minimise this liability even after your loved one has passed away.

There are some assets which may require a Grant of Probate (if the deceased died leaving a Will) or Letters of Administration (if the deceased died intestate) to administer. These assets include bank accounts containing over £50,000.00 (although this does vary dependant on the bank), the sale of stocks and shares, and the sale of a property. When you notify a financial provider of the death of your loved one, they will advise you whether they require a Grant of Probate/Letters of Administration.

How we can help:

  • Corresponding with third parties to notify them of the death
  • Obtaining valuations for assets and liabilities within the estate
  • Completing Inheritance Tax forms and advising you payment of the Inheritance Tax
  • Preparing the probate application and submitting it to the Probate Registry
  • Corresponding with the Probate Registry on the application
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Contentious Probate Disputes

Our experienced lawyers specialise in resolving probate disputes efficiently and effectively. We understand the sensitive nature of such cases and approach each situation with a combination of legal knowledge, experience and empathy. Choosing our lawyers to help handle your dispute means aligning yourself with a dedicated team that strives to protect you and achieve a fair resolution in the face of challenging legal situations.

How we can help:

  • Defending or making a claim against an estate under the Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependants) Act 1975
  • Contesting a Will
  • Disputes between executors or trustees
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Estate Planning for Business Owners

A business owner works hard to grow their business, and it is vital they have control over what happens to their business after they die or no longer have capacity. Our experienced lawyers work with business owners to implement succession plans and protect their assets after their death from Inheritance Tax.

How we can help:

  • Providing Inheritance Tax advice
  • Preparing Wills including trusts of business property
  • Preparing Lasting Powers of Attorney, including Lasting Powers of Attorney limited to your business affairs
  • Ensuring your businesses cross-option agreements and partnership agreements contain effective planning
  • Preparing trusts for pensions/life assurance
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Our lawyers have extensive knowledge and experience in estate planning and trusts to enable us to provide you with the peace of mind that your assets have been protected for your loved ones. We understand that each client’s situation is unique and provide you with the confidence that your trust is structured to meet your unique objectives.

How we can help:

  • Including trusts in Wills
  • Trusts over property
  • Discretionary trusts
  • Trusts for vulnerable beneficiaries
  • Charitable Trusts
  • Pension/Life assurance trusts
  • Registering trusts over property at the Land Registry
  • Removing/appointing assets into trust
  • Removing /appointing trustees
  • Terminating a trust
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Employment Law for Individuals

Positive life balance undoubtedly includes successful managing of the workplace challenges. Our accomplished employment solicitors, endorsed by Legal 500, are dedicated to safeguarding your rights and well-being. Operating with empathy and clarity, we confront issues like discrimination, bullying, and strategic executive exits, implementing a robust and proactive strategy to ensure your success.

We can help with:

  • Bringing An Employment Tribunal Claim
  • Bullying And Harassment
  • Contracts Of Employment
  • Disciplinaries And Grievances
  • Family Rights
  • Post-Termination Restrictions
  • Redundancy
  • Settlement Agreements And Protected Conversations
  • Transfers Of Undertakings (TUPE)
  • Whistleblower Protection
  • Flexible Working
  • Strategic Exits For Executives And Senior Employees
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Inheritance Tax Advice

Inheritance Tax is the highest form of tax, and is paid by your estate on your death at 40%. Effective and careful planning can mitigate your Inheritance Tax liability and save your estate millions of pounds in Inheritance Tax.

We will:

  • Review your assets, factoring in expected future growth or inheritance and calculate the Inheritance Tax your estate will be likely to owe.
  • Provide you with detailed options an outline ways in which you can minimize Inheritance Tax, for example, including trusts in your Will, or making lifetime gifts.
  • Review your financial circumstances every 5 years to ensure your planning is kept up to date with your circumstances and any changes in the law.
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Court of Protection Application

If your loved one has lost the capacity to make their own decisions without having a Lasting Power of Attorney in place, you can apply to the Court of Protection for a Deputyship Order to make decisions on their behalf for their health and welfare and property and financial affairs.

How we can help:

  • Applying to the Court of Protection for a Deputyship Order on your behalf
  • Acting as a professional Deputy
  • Advising you on your role as a Deputy
  • Disputing applications for a Deputyship Order
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Estate Administration

Our assistance with probate matters can be tailored specifically to suit your requirements. We can help as little or as much as you need, and provide you with a bespoke cost for our involvement. Whether the estate is straightforward, or includes foreign assets, business interests or agricultural assets, we have the expertise and experience to help.

Once you have obtained the Grant of Probate/Letters of Administration, you are then able to collect in the estate assets and distribute the estate to the beneficiaries.

How we can help:

  • Corresponding with financial providers to close, sell or transfer the ownership of accounts, shareholdings and investments
  • Dealing with international assets
  • Settling any liabilities including utilities and estate expenses
  • Holding estate funds in our Client Account until the estate is ready to distribute
  • Preparing Estate Accounts to detail the assets in the estate, the income and expenditure to ensure thorough records are kept
  • Once all assets are collected in and any liabilities have been paid, distributing the estate to the beneficiaries
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Agricultural Estate Planning

If you own agricultural assets and businesses, it is vital to obtain legal advice to ensure you have effective succession planning and Inheritance Tax planning in place, to ensure your assets are protected for the next generation. We can provide tailored solutions that ensure a seamless transition of assets and management, which will not only mitigates potential family disputes but also incorporates tax-efficient solutions to protect your assets.

How we can help:

  • Providing Inheritance Tax advice
  • Preparing Wills including trusts of agricultural and business property
  • Preparing Lasting Powers of Attorney, including Lasting Powers of Attorney limited to your business affairs
  • Ensuring your businesses cross-option agreements and partnership agreements contain effective planning
  • First Registration of land at the Land Registry
  • Transfers of land
  • Reviewing deeds and titles to establish the ownership of land and property
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Attorney/Deputy duties and disputes

If you are an attorney or deputy for your loved one who has lost capacity, you may feel overwhelmed and require some guidance on your duties and responsibilities. Our lawyers can offer their expertise to support you in your role, and in circumstances where issues arise with other attorneys, assist with disputes between attorneys or deputies.

How we can help:

  • Advising you on your role as an attorney/deputy
  • Disputing applications for Deputyship Orders
  • Challenging gifts made by an attorney/deputy
  • Challenging the actions made by an attorney/deputy
  • Provide advice regarding the Office of the Public Guardian investigations
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Trustee Duties and Disputes

Acting as a trustee of a trust can be overwhelming, and you may be unsure of your role and responsibilities. Our lawyers can provide support for trustees, offering invaluable guidance to navigate the complexities of their role and address any disputes that may arise. Whether you’re a first-time trustee or managing a trust with multiple trustees in disagreement, our lawyers offer personalised advice to help you make informed decisions that align with both the trust’s objectives and legal requirements.

How we can help:

  • Advising trustees on their role
  • Trustee resolutions
  • Disputes between trustees
  • Registering trusts over property at the Land Registry
  • Removing/appointing assets into trust
  • Removing /appointing trustees
  • Terminating a trust
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Divorce and Family Law

In the complexities of divorce, financial matters, and issues related to children, our family law services offer expert guidance, providing personalised advice for fair settlements, amicable dispute resolution, and sensitive child custody concerns, ensuring the best outcome for you and your family with clear, compassionate, and competent support.

How we can help:

  • Divorce and associated financial issue
  • Children matters
  • Other areas include
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Our Team

Jane Hunter

Partner and Head of Private Client

Doris Raggatt

Legal Director - Wills, Trusts and Probate

Samantha Kennedy

Associate Solicitor - Wills, Trusts and Probate

Sophie Lennon

Solicitor Apprentice

Katie Davies

Paralegal Apprentice

Jane Hunter

Partner and Head of Private Client

Jane is a Private client lawyer who is CTAPS qualified, and a member of the Solicitors for the Elderly. Jane acts for a wide variety of clients including business owners, high net worth individuals and agricultural clients.

Jane is experienced in advising on Wills, Powers of Attorney, Tax Planning, Administration of Estates, Court of Protection matters, and Asset Protection within families and businesses and contested Probate estates.

Jane lives locally in Lymm with her 18-year-old son and in her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends and renovating her house and garden.

Phone: 0161 926 1542

Doris Raggatt

Legal Director - Wills, Trusts and Probate

Doris qualified as a solicitor in 2012 and since then has worked as a private client lawyer completing the full range of trusts, tax and estates work. Doris has also achieved the STEP diploma.

Doris is also a committee member on the Manchester branch of STEP and is actively involved in working with STEP to promote private client work and to maximise the client experience. In addition, Doris has achieved the Solicitors for the Elderly Diploma in private client work.

In the Legal 500 solicitor rankings Doris was described as ‘incredibly meticulousn when she handles complex estates and has demonstratable experience acting on Court Protection proceedings and applications”.

Doris specialises in dealing with high-net-worth clients for Wills, estate planning and in the administration of complex estates. She also deals with powers of attorney, court of protection matters, drafting of trust documentation and the administration of trusts.

In her spare time, Doris is a keen gym attendee and loves walking in the Peak District, with Kinder Scout being her favourite walk.

Phone: 0161 926 1538

Samantha Kennedy

Associate Solicitor - Wills, Trusts and Probate

Samantha is a n Associate Solicitor in MLP Law’s Wills, Trust and Probate team. Samantha has extensive experience in Private Client Law, providing clients with advice on Wills, Lasting Power of Attorney, Probate and future planning.

Having practiced in Private Client since 2013, Samantha has provided advice on a broad spectrum of matters including care home fee planning, asset protection, compensation protections trusts and trusts for parents of children with disabilities. Samantha regularly acts for business owners and high net worth individuals in relation to their Wills and Estate planning to provide innovative and tailored solutions for their individual needs.

Experienced in presentations and public speaking, Samantha enjoys making presentations about planning for the future and protecting assets.

In her spare time, Samantha loves spending time with family and friends, particularly going for walks with her partner and their dog. Samantha is a keen traveller and likes to visit new places and has previously travelled to Australia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Fiji and various countries in Europe.

Phone: 0161 926 1514

Sophie Lennon

Solicitor Apprentice
Sophie is mlplaw’s first Solicitor Apprentice, and in September 2021 started her six year journey to qualify as a solicitor.
During her apprenticeship with the University of Law, Sophie will obtain a Law degree in Legal Practice and Skills whilst continuing to work at mlplaw and gain additional practical experience. Sophie will be working 4 days a week in the firm and will spend one day a week on her University studies.
Sophie works in the Wills, Trusts and Probate department and with the support of the team, is working to developing her expertise and competency to the highest standard.
mlplaw is embracing the new road to qualification and we are excited to support Sophie along the way!
Phone: 0161 926 1592

Katie Davies

Paralegal Apprentice

Katie has completed an Applied Law and Business course at South Trafford College with a 3 A* equivalent. This course covers multiple areas of Law and Business such as Employment Law, Contract Law, Aspects of Civil Liability, Business Communications and more.

Katie works with us at MLP as a full time Legal Assistant. She has her long term goals set out for her upon completion of her Legal Assistant role here with MLP. After her 18 months she is hoping to progress through the company working her way up through qualifications, eventually becoming a solicitor.

In Katie’s spare time she enjoys being with friends and family, going to the gym, going for meals and watching films.

Phone: 0161 926 1526

Why choose us

1. We Exceed Your Expectations

With over 50 5* reviews on Review Solicitors for our Wills, Trusts & Probate lawyers, our track record speaks volumes about the exceptional service and positive outcomes we consistently deliver.
We are also a Legal 500 recommended Wills, Trusts and Probate team.

2. Our Expertise

Our team includes STEP qualified lawyers, recognised as the highest level of qualification for a Wills, Trusts and Probate lawyer.
All of our lawyers are members of Solicitors for the Elderly.

3. Our Approach

We understand that legal issues often come with emotional complexities, and our team is dedicated to navigating these challenges with sensitivity and compassion.
Beyond providing expert legal advice, our lawyers take the time to listen, comprehend, and provide solutions for the unique circumstances of each client.
With us, you’re not just a case; you’re an individual facing a situation that requires not only legal expertise but also a human touch.


I found Samantha Kennedy to be very helpful, supportive, friendly and well organized. She got back to me straightaway when I asked any questions with her pleasant, straightforward, caring manner. She also put my mind at rest on a number of worrying concerns about my Will.
I think she gave me her best advice and we got the Will sorted really quickly.


Jane Hunter was both helpful and accommodating. Communication was swift and my questions were always answered. Many thanks.


I would have no problem with recommending this solicitor or using them myself again. They provided an excellent service throughout. The solicitor handling my request was Doris Raggatt and I found her straight forward and easy to deal with.



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