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Disciplinaries and Grievances

If you face a disciplinary, you need to know your rights, including a right to a fair hearing and to respond to allegations. If your employer breaches your rights, the consequences are serious.

You also have a right to raise a grievance to resolve issues at work, which can be a stressful and complex process.

We can guide you through the process and help you present your best case, whether in response to allegations against you or to resolve a grievance against your employer.

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We help you assert your rights and fight your corner. We advise on options, including
bringing Employment Tribunal claims or maximising the compensation you receive from your employer.

Our services include:

  • Advising you on how to respond to investigations into alleged misconduct or poor performance; 
  • Advising you at all stages of disciplinary or grievance proceedings; 
  • Helping you raise sensitive issues such as bullying, whistleblowing and discrimination; and 
  • Advising you on, and representing you in, related Employment Tribunal claims and maximising any compensation paid to you where you are treated unfairly.

Our Approach

All of our highly experienced Employment Law solicitors are Legal 500 recommended leaders in their field, who provide jargon-free, commercial legal advice. We speak to you in plain English and provide specialist, practical and pro-active solutions for you.

We take the time to understand you and the challenges you face, enabling us to provide bespoke advice which is tailored to you.


“Firstly may I thank you for your excellent help and advice given in resolving this situation to an outcome that was far better than I had expected or hoped it would be!! Thank you once again for your excellent help you have given me to resolve this settlement to such a good outcome which is greatly appreciated!!”



  1. What should I expect if I have been invited to attend a disciplinary hearing for misconduct?

    There are particular procedures that your employer must follow. In brief, your employer should investigate and you should be given clear notice of the relevant allegations against you, in writing. Next, you should be invited to a hearing to discuss the evidence, call any witnesses and set out your side of the story. The outcome of the hearing should then be communicated to you in writing. 

  2. Do I always need to be offered a right of appeal in a disciplinary process?

    A right of appeal is good practice and should always be offered to you. If it is not, and you have worked for your employer for more than 2 years, you can use the lack of an appeal to challenge the fairness of the process at an Employment Tribunal. 

  3. Can I be demoted as a result of a disciplinary hearing?

    The short answer is yes; if you have been warned that such a sanction is being considered and is reasonable in the circumstances of the case, a demotion can be implemented by your employer. 

  4. How should I raise a formal grievance?

    If you have concerns at work that have not been resolved informally (such as by talking to your line manager), you should set out your concerns in writing for your employer. A hearing should then be held, to allow a full discussion of your concerns. The decision regarding whether to uphold the grievance or not should be communicated to you in writing, with any necessary action detailed. Both you and your employer should ensure that you are following your organisation’s grievance procedure. 

  5. What is a Performance Improvement Plan?

    This is the result of a formal procedure, which is implemented if your employer has concerns regarding your performance at work. It should detail training and support to be offered to you, to allow you to improve your performance to the required standard, over an agreed period of time. 

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We are vastly experienced, Legal-500 recommended Employment Tribunal experts who live and breathe Employment Law. From executive exits and tackling issues like unfair dismissal and discrimination to diving into the complexity of holiday pay – there is no Employment Law challenge we haven’t met head on. We provide empathetic and robust legal support to employees, helping them to achieve their successful outcomes.

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You are unique, as are the challenges you face. That’s why our approach is always tailored to you. We don’t like one-size-fits-all strategies. We’re all about crafting tailored strategies that fit your specific needs. Communication is key. We’re fluent in plain language and have no time for legal jargon. We believe in complete transparency and  proactivity, providing you with a clear path and fixed fees so you’re never caught off guard.

  • We keep your options open

The road to success isn’t a one-way street, and we’re here to keep your options open. We’re masters of alternative dispute resolution methods, such as mediation and negotiation, which are the keys to sidestepping the time, money, and stress of legal claims.


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