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Improving Private Client Services

We understand the critical role of financial advisors, accountants, care providers, and funeral directors in the lives of individuals and their families. Our Private Client team is dedicated to collaborating closely with professionals to provide comprehensive and tailored support to our mutual clients.

Whether your clients circumstances are straightforward or complex, our lawyers have a experience dealing with a wide variety of financial and personal situations.

Our lawyers presented a seminar on the importance of Wills and Lasting Powers of Attorney with Care UK to
the residents and families at a local care home

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Our team provides personalised services, understanding the unique circumstances and individual needs of each client. We value seamless collaboration with professionals to ensure a unified and efficient experience for our shared clients.

  • Financial Advisors & Accountants: We work with financial advisors and accountants dealing with high net worth individuals, businesses and agricultural interests to ensure our clients have effective succession planning and comprehensive Inheritance Tax planning in place to ensure a seamless transition of assets and minimise their tax liability on death.
  • Care Providers: We hold informative presentations to residents and their families to share our expertise on estate planning. Our lawyers work with compassion and care to assist vulnerable clients.
  • Funeral Directors: Our team helps families navigate the probate process during a very difficult time to ensure their loved one’s estate is administered as per their wishes.

Our Approach

Our team has a wealth of expertise and experience in navigating the complexities of estate planning and probate, ensuring your client receives personalised advice for their circumstances.
Our team has a wealth of expertise and experience in navigating the complexities of estate planning and probate, ensuring your client receives personalised advice for their circumstances.
We deliver our services with compassion and empathy, espcially when assisting vulnerable clients, and clients
dealing with emotional and difficult circumstances.


‘The private client team are brilliant. They have a human touch with everything and remember every client is an individual no matter if they are worth £10 or £10M. Jane looks after a number of my clients and each and every one of them is delighted with her manner and professionalism during their experience.’
Legal 500

‘You don’t just get a faceless email; you have a personal call and explanation ahead of the advice. Jane Hunter has been brilliant at handling family matters and discussions from the outset with my clients, navigating complex situations with ease and using her emotional intelligence to ensure it is done to the utmost professionalism.’
Legal 500

‘Strong team headed by Jane Hunter supported by the incredibly able Doris Raggatt. The team take the time to really understand a client, the wider family and their ultimate wishes. Jane has dealt with a number of highly complex instances for my clients and in doing so manages to put information across in an easy-to-understand manner.”
Legal 500


  1. What Inheritance Tax relief is available for agricultural property and land?

    Agricultural property can qualify for Agricultural Property Relief and these assets are exempt from Inheritance Tax or subject to less Inheritance Tax.

    Agricultural Property Relief can be claimed for:
    • Land used to plant/grow crops, rear animals or plant trees harvested at least every 10 years
    • Stud farms for breeding and rearing horses and grazing
    • Farm buildings, farm cottages and farm houses
    • Land not currently being farmed under the Habitat Scheme or Crop Rotation Scheme
    • Some agricultural shares and securities
    • The value of milk quota associated with the land

    Agricultural Property Relief cannot be claimed on:
    • Farm equipment machinery
    • Derelict buildings
    • Harvested crops
    • Livestock
    • Property subject to a binding contract for sale

    We highly recommend meeting with one of our lawyers to discuss your agricultural assets, who will then provide you with a breakdown of the Inheritance Tax that is likely to be paid on your estate and suggest tax-efficient ways to mitigate this.

  2. What is a Will?

    A Will is a legal document which sets out what you would like to happen to your assets when you pass away. If you do not make a Will, your estate will be dealt with under the laws of intestacy, and your estate may be distributed to family members who you would not have wished to inherit.

    In your Will, you appoint executors, who are people you trust to deal with your estate, guardians to look after any minor children and beneficiaries who will inherit your estate assets.

  3. Do I need Lasting Powers of Attorney for my business?

    If you own a business, it is vital you make Lasting Powers of Attorney to ensure that if you loose capacity and are unable to make your own decisions, someone you trust can make those decisions on your behalf.

    If you loose capacity without making Business Lasting Powers of Attorney, this may cause issues for your company and even make small tasks very difficult, for example, using the business bank account.

  4. Do I need to update my partnership or cross-option agreements when making a Will?
  5. Why do I need Inheritance Tax advice?

    Inheritance Tax planning is vital for maximizing your estate and reducing your Inheritance Tax liability. Through tax-efficient planning, you may be able to save over £1 million in Inheritance Tax which would have been payable had you not obtained legal advice.

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