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If you are at risk of redundancy, it is crucial that you seek specialist advice as soon as possible. We may be able to help you avoid being made redundant or maximise the compensation you receive if you are made redundant.

We ensure you are treated fairly and that your rights are upheld. We guide you through the redundancy process every step of the way and, if you are made redundant, we advise whether you have been unfairly dismissed and lead your fight for compensation.

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We guide you through the redundancy process, helping you avoid the risk of redundancy or maximise the compensation you receive if you are made redundant.  

Our services include:

  • Helping you prepare for redundancy consultation meetings and to challenge the proposals and decisions made by your employer, including challenging any selection criteria and scoring applied;  
  • Advising you on potential claims arising from your redundancy, including unfair dismissal and discrimination; 
  • Asserting your rights and maximising the compensation payable to you if made you are made redundant.

Our Approach

All of our highly experienced Employment Law solicitors are Legal 500 recommended leaders in their field, who provide jargon-free, commercial legal advice. We speak to you in plain English and provide specialist, practical and pro-active solutions for you.

We take the time to understand you and the challenges you face, enabling us to provide bespoke advice which is tailored to you.


“I thought Julie’s advocacy at the remote Employment Tribunal hearing was excellent, as was her clear advice on the process throughout. She championed our case professionally and achieved a successful outcome, whilst maintaining a commercial approach.”

Hospitality sector client, following our successful defence of a claim of unfair dismissal


  1. What should I expect from a redundancy procedure?

    If your employer wants to make redundancies, it must follow a particular process. In summary, your employer should first warn you that there will likely be redundancies and that your job is at risk. You will then attend consultation meetings, to discuss matters in more detail. The final decision should then be communicated to you in writing, together with a right of appeal. 

  2. What is suitable alternative employment?

    As part of the process of consultation, your employer should consider if there are any other appropriate vacancies, which you could move to, instead of being made redundant. This can include a demoted post or a completely different role. 

  3. What are selection criteria?

    When choosing which employees from a larger pool are to be made redundant, your employer has to apply relevant criteria that will be used to select them. Such criteria should be fair and measurable and based on objective factors, such as time-keeping, and adjusted to remove any discriminatory elements (i.e. disability related absence).  

  4. n a reorganisation, can I be interviewed for a new role?

    Yes, if your employer is altering the structure of the business that you work in, an internal interview process can be used to select the appropriate candidate for the role. 

  5. How much redundancy pay will I get?

    Statutory redundancy pay is based on age and length of service and subject to a cap on earnings unless more generous provisions are contained in your contract of employment. 

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Why choose the mlplaw team?

  • Unparalleled Expertise and Experience

We are vastly experienced, Legal-500 recommended Employment Tribunal experts who live and breathe Employment Law.

We have successfully defended countless Employment Tribunal claims, from tackling issues like unfair dismissal and discrimination to diving into the minutiae of holiday pay and wage disputes – there is no Employment Law challenge we haven’t met head on.

  • Your business, your service

Your business is unique, as are the challenges it faces. That’s why our approach is always as unique as your business itself. We don’t like one-size-fits-all strategies. We’re all about crafting tailored strategies that fit your specific needs.

  • In your corner from start to finish

When you’re facing an Employment Tribunal claim, you need someone in your corner who knows you and your case inside and out. We don’t pass the torch to a third-party advocate. As seasoned Tribunal advocates, we stand by your side from the moment the claim lands on your desk to its triumphant resolution, representing you in all preliminary and final hearings along the way.

  • We keep your options open

The road to success isn’t a one-way street, and we’re here to keep your options open. We’re masters of alternative dispute resolution methods, such as mediation and negotiation, which are the keys to sidestepping the time, money, and stress typically associated with the Employment Tribunal process. Before we embark on the tribunal journey, we’ll explore every available avenue for resolving your challenges. Our goal? A victory that fits your unique needs, whatever form it may take.

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